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National Minimum Data Set for Social Care

The National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-sc) is an online database of information about the care sector and the people working in it.

The information is supplied by care providers like you and covers areas such as number of staff, diversity, and training qualifications.

NMDS-sc is the starting point for planning your workforce. It is free to use and password protected.

How could it benefit my organisation?

There are many benefits to having your workforce details in the NMMDS-sc:

  • your workforce information is in one place so you can see patterns and issues which need tackling
  • you can run reports from the database to analyse your business needs and make informed decisions
  • you can compare your workforce information to other providers - from leaver reasons to pay rates
  • you will comply with your contract with Nottinghamshire County Council.

It is also about being part of the bigger picture. The information you provide helps planning at local, regional and national levels so resources can be directed to where they are needed.

How do I add my organisation to the database?

Visit the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care website and follow the simple instructions.

NMDS-sc user guides

Our user guides show you how to:

More support

If you need further help or support about the NMDS-sc, please contact us.

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