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Care Act

Introducing the Care Act

This film is a conversation between Alan Langton and David Pearson about the Care Act, and what it means to people in Nottinghamshire.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is an overarching principle in the Care Act. But what does wellbeing mean? We asked some people and this film is what they told us.

How to get support

The film shows how you can get support from different places, including voluntary organisations, for example the Alzheimer's society.

Ann, a carer, tells her own story about the support the council offer, including support to carers and to adults who need care and support.

It also includes an explanation of the National Eligibility Criteria

Strength based support

This is an animation which demonstrates what a strength based approach is and how effective it is to ensure you see the person.

Promoting independence

This film is a case example of how one of our providers has worked to promote independence. The story is told by Julie, Leanne (her daughter) and her support worker Cheryl.

Outcomes and support planning

An animation on how to complete a good support plan.

How can providers meet outcomes?

This film provides an example of how one provider supports people to meet their outcomes.

Information and advice

This film highlights the importance of getting good information and advice early, to prevent a crisis. It shows Nottinghamshire Help Yourself and tells Dave's story on how he got the information he needed by going to the library.

Information and advice for self-funders

This film is about the advice and support that Age UK can offer to people who fund some or all of their care.

Integrated Health and Housing

This film introduces the importance of integration, and provides two examples of this approach.

How can direct payments work in a care home?

The County Council has been testing out how direct payments can work in a care home. This film is of a care home manager talking about why she got involved in this project, what it involved and provides key messages to other care homes.

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